Have you ever put your car in neutral on a “crybaby bridge”?


Crybaby bridges are common across the Midwest. According to legend, if you put your car in neutral in the middle of the bridge, it will be pushed safely across by unseen hands. Have you ever tested this legend?

Should allegedly haunted cemeteries be closed to visitors?


It is an unfortunate fact that cemeteries get vandalized, but some seem to attract vandals more than others, especially if they are rumored to be haunted. Should allegedly haunted cemeteries be closed to visitors?

What is the most haunted college or university in Illinois?


Nearly every college and university in Illinois has at least one ghost story, but which do you think is the most haunted? Vote in our poll!

How old were you when you had your first paranormal experience?


How many haunted places in Illinois have you visited?


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