Flashback: Ridge Cemetery


“He said he got the chills suddenly, like the temperature dropped to below zero,” Greg explained. Davin appeared pasty and pale, but that wasn’t necessarily out of character. “Maybe this has something to do with that corpse we found earlier,” Mike wondered aloud. “Davin gets sick twenty times a week and this time it’s due […]

Flashback: Lebanon Road


“I’m beginning to worry that we’re not going to be transported to Hell,” Emmer said sarcastically from the backseat. “It’s too bad we couldn’t bring Casey,” Greg lamented, referring to the feral coydog The Fallen had adopted a few months earlier. “She would know if there were any Hell hounds lurking around here.” Mike sighed […]

Flashback: Axeman’s Bridge


As the group neared the path in the woods, she felt a subtle shift in the atmosphere. Suddenly, a house stood about fifty yards past the tree line, and the bridge, which had been collapsed into the creek moments earlier, appeared to be structurally sound. Aurelia couldn’t contain her feelings any longer. “Did anyone notice […]

Flashback: Ramsey Cemetery


Mike’s assurances hadn’t fazed the woman, because her eyes were still filled with fear and she held up her hands as if to fend off an attack. “What do you want?” she pleaded. “I don’t have anything! I just sleeping here!” “It’s alright,” Aurelia said in something that vaguely resembled a soothing tone. “We’re not […]

Flashback: Blood’s Point


Upon clearing the bridge, Mike jerked the steering wheel sharply to the right and braked. The Toyota’s tires spit gravel and it lurched to one side on the embankment along the side of the road. If they hadn’t been wearing seatbelts, Mike and Greg might have wound up in their friend’s laps. The van raced […]


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