The Stump Pond Monster


From History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois by Bruce Cline. Strange creatures and monsters are common in southern Illinois. One of the oldest stories was first reported in from Stump Pond. In 1879, a man was fishing from his boat on Stump Pond when he noticed a very large submerged object was plowing through […]

Inextricably frozen with fear…


“Regardless of what creatures you encounter you better be certain that your pre-adventure bravery stands up to the challenge. Many seasoned legend trippers have lost out on photographic or video evidence as they were inextricably frozen with fear while the mysterious creature retreated back into the shadows. This guide will help prepare you so you […]

Do you believe bigfoot or sasquatch live in Illinois?


As Stan Courtney has documented, there have been hundreds of alleged sightings of bigfoot-type creatures all over Illinois, yet Illinois is not typically thought of as a home for these creatures. Do you believe bigfoot or sasquatch live in Illinois?


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