FBI Asks for Help in Solving 1994 Double Murder in Northeast Ohio

[Mysteriousheartland.com] According to ABC Channel 5 News in Cleveland, the FBI is asking for the public’s help to solve two cold cases in the Cleveland area. In 1994, the lifeless bodies of 17-year-old Kathryn Menendez and 14-year-old Sarah Rae Boehm were both found approximately half a mile from each other in a wooded area off Fewtown Road near Atwater, a few miles east of Akron, Ohio. Menendez’s naked and strangled body was found in late August 1994 and Boehm was found two months later, in November. Both murders are still unsolved.

Boehm and Menendez Murder

Area where Kathryn Menendez and Sarah Rae Boehm were found

On Friday, the FBI will use advanced investigative technology to search for new clues in a wooded area of Fewtown Road near Atwater. FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson would not reveal the specific technology that will be utilized. “We can’t let all our secrets out, but we have some new toys that we want to run over the area and see if it alerts on anything,” Anderson said.

Menendez disappeared in the area of Alliance, Ohio on Aug. 21, 1994. Her disappearance was initially reported as a runaway but her naked body was found days later near the Berlin Reservoir on an oil well access road off Fewtown Road, according to the FBI. She had been strangled.

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  1. What does this article have to do with the paranormal??


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