Interview with Tea Krulos, Host of the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

Tea Krulos is a freelance writer and author from Milwaukee, WI. His second book, Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators, will launch on June 1st, by Chicago Review Press. The book’s release will coincide with the inaugural Milwaukee Paranormal Conference on Saturday, June 6th, which Mr. Krulos will also be hosting.

Tea Krulos

Tea Krulos

You’re a freelance journalist and author in Milwaukee who writes on a variety of subjects. What has drawn you into exploring the world of the paranormal? Has this been a lifelong interest of yours?

Although I never actively investigated before starting this book, I’ve always loved the subject matter. I have fond memories of checking out books on ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, and other strange phenomenon from the local library by the armload when I was young. I’ve watched a lot of documentaries and reality shows related to the paranormal.

One of my other great loves is learning about subcultures or social movements that might seem unique or just plain weird to mainstream society, getting to know what defines these groups, what they have in common with each other and what conflicts happen between them. So really, Monster Hunters is the perfect match of these two things.

Your new book, Monster Hunters, delves into the personalities of those who investigate ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs, etc. Did anything surprise you about the people you met who carry out this type of work? What, if anything, do you think would surprise others who may not be familiar with the culture of paranormal investigating other than what they may have seen on television?

Monster Hunters I could have easily tried to seek out people who might fit the silly stereotypes of goofy weirdos, tinfoil hats, or whatever else. But although a couple of those types make an appearance in the book, I wanted to focus more on people who are normal, everyday people who just happen to have a passion for the paranormal. I was somewhat surprised that this was really easy to do, I met lots of great people who I’m still in contact with.

For those that have only seen this on TV, I think they’ll probably be disappointed to learn that an actual investigation is not the action packed, spooky half hour or hour you see on television. Investigations are long, tedious, and can be overall pretty boring. It’s like a slow day fishing.

Along with kicking off the release of Monster Hunters, you’re also hosting the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference on June 6th. How exactly did that come together? Is there something specific about Milwaukee, or Wisconsin in general, that makes it a fitting location for a Paracon?

Around the time I was finishing up Monster Hunters, I thought a fun release party for the book would be to host a small con, but it very quickly took on a life of its own and became something much bigger. Response has been absolutely fantastic, partly because (unless I’m mistaken) the last event like this in Milwaukee was about ten years ago. I’ve gotten people from all over Wisconsin and beyond telling me they’re happy this is happening.mpclogo

Wisconsin and Milwaukee in particular is a great location for an event like this. People can learn all about why at the event, because this first year in particular we are heavily featuring speakers and topics on the city and state. Local ghostlorist Allison Jornlin will be talking about stories of weird phenomenon from Milwaukee’s history, Mark O’Connell will talk on UFO sightings in Wisconsin, Linda S. Godfrey is a featured speaker–she broke the case of the Beast of Bray Road, a werewolf-like creature spotted around Elkhorn, WI.

You have an impressive list of speakers slated for this one day event, though you state on your website that you hope to have a “bigger event” in 2016. How do you envision the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference taking shape moving forward?

Yes, response has been so big this year, that it’s already time to expand in 2016. It’ll move to a two-day event, probably in October 2016. This year the event is free, 2016 we’ll be charging admission, though it will be affordable. We’ll be using this money to fly in a couple of special guests, who will be announced early in 2016. I’d also like to see a couple of new things like a demo stage where people can demonstrate equipment, and a lounge area with some fun activities. I think we’re putting down good groundwork for it this year.

How can those interested find more information about the MPC as well as other projects you may have in the works?

We have all the con info you need at, and stay tuned to that site after the con for further news on 2016. There is also a Facebook page here: People can learn about past, present, and future writing from me at my author website,


Original Art by Alex Groh of Muddy Water Press

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